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Site Preparation

01. Who we are

What is PEB?

The Pre Engineered Building (PEB) consists of Primary members like columns and rafters made of fabricated section made out of steel plates of designed thicknesses and secondary members like C or Z purlins and wind bracings.
The roofing will be usually with Galvanized steel plates manufactured by reputed suppliers and also with thermal insulated roofing panels. The primary members are lighter in weight compared to conventional structural steel sections
    Benefits of a pre-engineered building
  • They are cost-effective.
  • They offer time savings.
  • They are versatile and offer architectural options

02. Our Service

Services offered include Roof Truss and Purlin installation, Pre-Engineered Building construction, Steel Building projects, Supply and Installation of Roof Galvalume Sheets and AC Sheets, and Steel Tower construction.

03. Why Albert Engineering

We have worked with some awesome brands.

Experienced in the creation of Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB), our focus lies in precision engineering, top-tier material selection, and streamlined construction processes. Employing cutting-edge design software and embracing modular construction methods, we ensure accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our commitment to quality control spans from stringent manufacturing standards to on-site inspections, guaranteeing structures meet design specifications.

Advanced Work

Specializing in advanced Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) structures, our expertise extends across diverse sectors, including industrial, institutional, hospital, and commercial construction. We pride ourselves on employing cutting-edge techniques and materials to deliver superior quality and efficiency

We have worked with some Popular brands.

Renowned for our commitment to excellence, we've forged successful partnerships with an impressive array of clients, including industry giants such as Tata, JK Fenner, BHEL, HP, Thriveni, and Narasu's. Our extensive portfolio showcases the depth and breadth of our expertise, illustrating our ability to meet the exacting standards of these esteemed brands.

Best Steel Work

Our expertise in steelwork is synonymous with excellence, representing the pinnacle of quality in the industry. Renowned for our commitment to precision and craftsmanship, we consistently deliver steelwork of the highest caliber.

Safty on site work

Ensuring safety on construction sites is paramount to our commitment to both our workforce and project success. We adhere to rigorous safety protocols to create a secure working environment. Our comprehensive safety measures include regular training sessions, hazard assessments, and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Construction Civil Works

ALBERT Engineering stands out in the realm of Construction Civil Works, demonstrating our proficiency in crafting resilient, inventive, and secure structures. Our portfolio encompasses meticulously designed civil buildings, efficient warehouses, cutting-edge pre-engineered buildings, and robust steel structures, showcasing our versatility across diverse sectors. Specializing in steel buildings and towers, we provide reliable solutions for roof truss and purlins, install manual rolling shutters, and deliver roofing sheets for enduring durability. At ALBERT Engineering, our unwavering commitment to precision, quality, and client satisfaction establishes us as the trusted choice for all your Construction Civil Works needs.

04. Our Testimonial

“ Good and reliable centre for any roofing work ”

Alagu Selvan

- Satisfied Client

“They are doing in civil and mechanical works”

Srithar T

- Satisfied Client

“After being forced to move twice within five years, our customers had a hard time finding us and our sales plummeted not only revitalized our brand”

Victori Porter

- Satisfied Client

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