Steel tower refer to steel structure which formed by lattice mast, or truss shape or single pole, even guyed lattice truss mast or poles, all these towers all named as steel tower or iron tower due to their material by steel or alloy steel and its function as supports to some loading. Albert engineering is a modern company specializing in the design, drafting, project management, fabrication and installation of steel tower and steel structure products. For our Albert engineering company, the steel tower products can be classified as follow:

In application, we can classified as power transmission line steel tower, Telecom steel tower, broadcasting steel tower, TV steel tower, Torch tower, Watching tower, scenery tower; In material, we can classified them as angular tower which made of mainly by angle steel, and tubular tower which make of mainly by pipe In supporting structure it can be self-supporting steel tower, or guyed tower; In leg quantity, it can be classified as triangular steel towers, four-legs steel tower and monopole steel towers.

Albert engineering is equipped with sophisticated machinery and equipment for the manufacture of every type of steel tower as per clients’ requirements, and offers a variety of designs to meet client specific. Lattices of triangular cross-section are most common, and square lattices or monopole are also widely used.

After fabrication all steel tower, are delivered to the galvanizing facility to be Hot DIP Galvanized. Towers are processed through the facility by Caustic Cleaning, Pickling, and then Fluxing. These strict procedures insure years of maintenance free towers. Albert engineering can optimized design and make tower solid, high strength, proper span distance, good wind resistance, and economy in the use of materials. We adopt and choose different material for tower design according to their loading, local condition or other design data. From fabrication, design,installation and on site service, Albert engineering provide the comprehensive, intelligent and integrated solutions that you require.

We delivery results that are aligned with your strategic business objectives, supporting steel fabrications initiatives, that add value and build a competitive advantage.